DALBAR Intellect Presents: 2019 e-Delivery Insights & Resources

There’s no question that “going paperless” is an important goal for many financial services firms. Getting an electronic delivery (e-Delivery) program right, however, is easier said than done. DALBAR has put together a comprehensive selection of resources for the industry to help service providers:

  • Achieve cost savings and improve adoption rates for e-Delivery programs
  • Map out an effective, data-driven e-Delivery program
  • Learn innovative practices from leading firms in this space
  • Monitor the latest developments and trends in paperless statements and investor documents

How to access DALBAR's industry-leading research

Insight Reports

DALBAR creates high quality, in-depth research reports on e-Delivery programs. Our suite of studies offers the most comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of e-Delivery programs at financial services firms.

e-Delivery Newsletter

This free quarterly newsletter brings together the latest stories relevant to the e-Delivery space as well as insights from industry members on important issues driving e-Delivery programs.

e-Delivery Roundtable

DALBAR’s flagship e-Delivery Roundtable summit takes place in the spring, and brings together industry thought leaders and practitioners to share insights and best practices around e-Delivery programs.

e-Delivery Benchmark Study

DALBAR’s e-Delivery Benchmark Study is the financial industry’s most comprehensive look at electronic document and paperless communications programs. This report reviews and benchmarks factors such as annual savings from e-Delivery programs; tactics and strategies to gain consent and boost adoption; effective methods of e-Delivery promotion and more. Click below to learn more or purchase this report today.

State of the Industry: Online e-Delivery Election Experience

State of the Industry: Online e-Delivery Election Experience uncovers the process of consenting to electronic delivery of investor documents. DALBAR reviewed 42 unique e-Delivery election experiences across four segments of the financial services industry: Retirement, Life Insurance & Annuity, Mutual Funds and Brokerage. Click below to learn more and to purchase this report.

Online Search Behavior Analysis

When it comes to e-Delivery programs, understanding customer needs is a key determinant of success. DALBAR has put together a unique and innovative study of online search behavior related to e-Delivery that can help firms better understand what customers are looking for and in turn better plan for e-Delivery adoption campaigns. Click below to learn more and to purchase this report.

Why Implement & Measure e-Delivery?

Cost Savings

Financial services firms have saved billions of dollars by reducing the printing and mailing costs of investor communications.

Data-Driven Decisions

Learn what has been shown to work from in-depth research on e-Delivery programs and avoid costly mistakes or underperforming strategies to improve adoption rates.

Go Green

In addition to saving costs on paper, production and mailing, e-Delivery programs are beneficial for the environment and contribute positively to your firms’ reputation for environmental sustainability.

Benchmark Your Operations

Understand how your investor communications and paperless investor documents program measures up to your peers.

Speed of Communication

Provide clients with rapid and timely access to important documentation such as shareholder communications, proxy statements, tax documents and more.

Streamline User Experience

Create a convenient communications experience for clients to rapidly and securely access important account details from virtually any location and device.

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